lately + favs

What's up party people? Can you even believe that it's already March?! Like what even?! It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and getting pumped for 2017. 

2017 has been pretty awesome so far cause I finally got my permit (I seriously can't wait to drive on my own....) and turned 16! It's been filled with a lot of good friends and a lot of amazing family. School's also pretty okay (who am i? haha) with some interesting classes and new friends...but i'm definitely not complaining that 4th quarter started a week ago and summer will be here soon. We've had a super warm winter in kentucky and it just makes me so excited for summer and freedom! 

Some other recent favorites: 
  1. New 50mm lens: i got this for Christmas and it's seriously rocking my world! 
  2. Lightroom: i've seen so many amazing edits done with lightroom and i'm super excited to learn! it's definitely a major learning curve but i'm really excited to learn more!! (for you fellow photographers out there..where did you learn? any amazing blogs/e-courses you've found?)
  3. Lala Land: OH MY....if you haven't seen this movie please please please go see it!! it's sooooo good! the music and dancing is AMAZING (i've listened to the soundtrack so many times lol) and all the costumes and sets are perfect and it's all just so aesthetically pleasing and amazing haha. some people have a hard time with the ending but i feel like the both ended up with what they wanted so i guess worked out?
  4. Gilmore Girls: i finished this a while ago and its one of my favorite shows to date. i actually haven't watched a year in the life yet but i've heard super mixed reviews about it... does it live up to the hype? 
  5. Cute socks: seriously idk why i love them so much since you can't see my socks 1/2 the time bit i'm a bit obsessed. my current 2 favorites are this one (also why are cacti- is that right? cactuses?- so dang cute in print?) and another that is sadly not available anymore but they're navy and have the cutest chameleons on them and they're pretty adorable. 
  6. Light Jackets: have been rocking my world lately. my 3 favs are the standard army jacket, this one from forever 21, and this north face which is super great for when it's windy and rainy (there has been seriously so much rain this winter! like you walk to the car and look like you've taken a shower haha)
  7. For songs i've had a ton of favorites but 3 of my favs have been: So Close and Maps for the Getaway by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Something Just Like by This Chainsmokers, Magic by Coldplay, Please Don't Go by Joel Adams, Drive by Oh Wonder. (okay that was a few more than 3 but i can't help myself)
  8. Good design/photography: if you want to see some serious eye candy you can head on over to my pinterest where i save photos/art all the time- there are some seriously talented people out there!
I could seriously go on and on cause a lot of things have been making me happy lately haha but i'll stop there. 

Stay rad! 

ps. happy saint patricks day! try to be as cool as bella (see video below) and don't forget to wear green:)

photoshoot with emma

for the past few months i've been trying to start doing photos for people with one of my friends . 

let's just say it's been a rough  err... slow start haha

i know there's a lot more we need to do (a website is in the works and we need an instagram account- we've mostly been getting our name out there by word of mouth and by doing photo booths and things for various church events).

we've gotten several bookings.....but all of them have fallen through a few days before. So rewind to a few days into the year we had our almost 1st paid gig (this one was the closest to happening so far haha).  

 I’m putting this here for memories sake so that one day when i’m a photographer just raking in the money (lol) i’ll look back on the 3 first shoots i tried to schedule where all of them got cancelled and laugh.

 this one was a bit of a heartbreaker cause we were so excited, already at the location when it was cancelled. it’s okay though cause how can you not have fun when you have two photographers in a super gorgeous location? 

we ended up taking some super rad practice shots with new christmas lenses so i guess all’s well that ends well right?

it was ended up being a ton of fun and then i got to practice a little bit of editing with lightroom, i'm a bit obsessed but have a ton to learn. i'm also obsessed with my new lens but have a ton to learn on it too. 

hope you all have had a super awesome january! enjoy the pics....

have a super rad night!

(can we note that even though i'm posting this on the last day of the month i still kept my resolution of 2 posts a steps right?)

let's go 2017

it's 2017

holy cow how did that happen?!

& now starts the awkward 3 months when we all write _/__16 and try really hard to make the 6 look like a 7 cause you wrote in pen..... it's okay though.

2016 was a pretty cool year but i'm super pumped to see what 2017 holds. i know you can set goals any day of the year and change whenever you want, i love the opportunity a new year gives us to reflect, look back, and get excited for the future.

2017 goals:

*actually keep track of my goals this year. i set a ton of really great goals at the beginning of 2016 but i can't remember exactly what they were for the life of me and i currently can't remember which of my many notebooks and journals i wrote them in. no matter if i fail or succeed i really want to be able to track my progress a little better this year....and actually knowing what my goals are would be a good place to start haha. (luckily i'm actually posting them this time so i'll at least be able to look back on what i wanted to do)
*finish the Book of Mormon before my birthday- i've been working on this since the summer and it's getting to be crunch time!
*be more grateful & record the happy! (write 3 happy things down each day)
*personal progress! it's also crunch time for this so i hope i can be close to done by the end of the year!
*get my drivers license (!!!!!!) guys, i seriously can NOT wait!! if you know me you know i've been talking about this for almost year haha
*sign up for HEFY- i had planned to go on an HEFY expedition this coming summer. i worked super hard to raise money but then when it came time for my age group to sign up for an expedition literally every single one was filled. needless to say it was a bit of a blow and definitely not the funnest thing that has ever happened to me. i hope i can sign up for one for summer 2018 and keep raising money.
*craft camp
* run a color run-i've always wanted to do this! i don't have any crazy health goals for 2017 except cut back on sugar a bit and be a little more active, i think having a fun thing to cross of my bucket list will help a lot
*be more patient- this past year i had some experiences that showed me patience wasn't exactly my strongest point, i hope i can work on that a bit
*journal more
*spend my time more meaningfully- i want to be a force for good in the world, i want to do something with my life and i can't do this if i'm constantly scrolling through instagram
*be me/take more risks- i'm not really talking about jumping off a building or investing all my money into something, i'm talking about getting out of my comfort zone. doing what makes me happy instead of blending in with the rest of the world. talking to more people at school. idk just living a little more real.
*and i guess i'll wrap this up with the most classic blogger resolution of all time- blog more lol. you've heard it a million times but i'm want to try. i'm starting small and shooting for 2+ posts a month (hopefully more but it's a start right?)

that's all i've got for now but i know as i go i'll edit and rewrite and realize that some of those goals aren't what i need to focus on and realize i totally forgot about others. i'll come up with some plans that are a little more specific and maybe change my course of direction on others.

but that's the beauty of a fresh start every day, right?

so here's to a new year of learning, growing, laughing, adventuring, being a force for good, and finding the joy in all we can.

let's go 2017



my name is shelby

i'm passionate about finding the lovely, joy, & adventure in all things

i enjoy photography, design, being outside (kayaking is seriously my fave), orange chicken, laughing,  good music, cheesy jokes, the stars, cozy blankets, anything romantic (hallmark movies all day please), games, dance parties in the kitchen, and spending time with my friends and family.

i dream of traveling the world with my camera, finding a way to serve others, marrying the love of my life, and being a mom.

i started this whole blogging gig at the ripe old age of 13(ish?) for a personal progress project and had a grand old time posting over on my old blog which you can stalk here. i can't bring myself to delete it for memory sake, but i also can't bring myself to keep using it for the sake of my small, dark, cringe worthy early photo/design days (definitely can't say i'm a pro now, but luckily i had moved on from most everything from the middle school days haha).

so i decided to start over. same name, new image, new content. i share a little bit of everything from rad music to photos to life to pep talks and the occasional tutorial/tips and tricks post- still haven't totally figured out the whole pick one niche thing haha.

so i guess this is it- does anyone else think the whole first post thing is totally way too much pressure?

have a wonderful day!