lets go 2018

this year was the first year i was actually able to check and see how i did on my new years resolutions. it was actually pretty fun to really be able to measure my progress without having to dig up an old notebook that i probably never would have taken the time to find. so even though it' s already a week into the new year and i already wrote about all this in my journal, i figure i might as well put in on here too so that i can look back and do the same thing next year.

this year i decided to set a variety of goals. some are things i pretty much know will happen unless something crazy happens, others are things that are going to take a lot of work, a few are vague, and some are just one time things that i hope i can accomplish at some point in the year.

2018 goals 
*go to Brazil (!!!)
*get my full license 
*get accepted into college (!!!) a scholarship would also be nice but since that's not 100% in my control, i'm not listing it as an official goal. 
*graduate seminary Book of Mormon year, kind of a shoe in goal but my tardy record from last semester would say otherwise. 
*do a no sugar month
*finish personal progress (i have a plan to finish it by the end of the school year and i'm really hoping i can stick to it)
*finish saving for hefy and start saving for my future
*make a video it can really be about anything, i've just always focused on photography and want to branch out for fun
*get more serious about photography. i would love to be able to make a good amount of money taking pictures because i really enjoy it 
*set up a hard drive my computer storage has been begging me to the last few months
*journal at least a few times a month
*be at school as little as possible senior year haha, but seriously, isn't that what dual credit classes are for?
*maintain current gpa
*value and improve family relationships since this is my last full year at home. 
*get to know Nashville better 
*go to a concert 
*visit Utah (again, not totally in control here, but i would really like to)
*stay positive even when a bunch of people i know graduate and leave
*help mom make a christmas card on time
*expand creativity 

overall goal: live! if i have a good idea run with it! enjoy where i am but create the life i want

as far as blogging in the new year, i don't really have a plan. i'm not sure what i want to do. i've been into journaling a lot lately but i also really enjoy being able to add pics to blog posts and find specific memories and thoughts with a few clicks. for now i plan to just post when i feel like it and mainly focus on life. i used to really want to be able to blog for money some day but now it just seems fun to be able to record my life on here and i'm pretty sure there aren't that many people still reading (which is fine with me, because i didn't really do my part in posting but if you are still reading, holy cow you're awesome). i plan to publish some old posts that never got put up and write when i feel like it but other than that i'm not sure. i don't want to force it because i have a lot of other creative projects that are making me excited these days and i don't want to spend time on something i don't love. plus there's also school, my job, and then just having time to actually live that i've got to think about. 

i guess that was really just a super long way to say i have no clue what my blogging plans are. haha.

anyway, i'm so super pumped for 2018 and i cannot wait to see where i am at this time next year. i'll have been to brazil (!!!!!), have my college plans pretty much set, and be in my last semester of high school!! and with the way life goes, i know there will be a few surprises thrown in there too. here's to 2018! 

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