light the world lift off

i'm in love with the #lighttheworld campaign. it's such a cool concept and i believe it wholeheartedly. everybody has opportunities every day to spread light and when we choose to use that power for good it can have amazing beautiful results. plus, who doesn't want more light in their life?

at the end of december we had a ward activity where we talked about service and let a bunch of balloons go with messages of light on them to usher in a year of lighting the world. it was so so pretty!

the missionaries were in charge (missionaries are legit the best) and it was a super fun night which included the super cool balloon release, the great wallet hunt, the awkward food exchange, and freddy's.

here's to a great 2018 full of lighting the world!

*end note: before the lift off all of the balloons were in one of the classrooms off the hallway and it seriously looked magical with all of them lit up and filling the whole ceiling. pictures couldn't do it justice! (especially grainy iPhone ones)

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