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What's up party people? Can you even believe that it's already March?! Like what even?! It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and getting pumped for 2017. 

2017 has been pretty awesome so far cause I finally got my permit (I seriously can't wait to drive on my own....) and turned 16! It's been filled with a lot of good friends and a lot of amazing family. School's also pretty okay (who am i? haha) with some interesting classes and new friends...but i'm definitely not complaining that 4th quarter started a week ago and summer will be here soon. We've had a super warm winter in kentucky and it just makes me so excited for summer and freedom! 

Some other recent favorites: 
  1. New 50mm lens: i got this for Christmas and it's seriously rocking my world! 
  2. Lightroom: i've seen so many amazing edits done with lightroom and i'm super excited to learn! it's definitely a major learning curve but i'm really excited to learn more!! (for you fellow photographers out there..where did you learn? any amazing blogs/e-courses you've found?)
  3. Lala Land: OH MY....if you haven't seen this movie please please please go see it!! it's sooooo good! the music and dancing is AMAZING (i've listened to the soundtrack so many times lol) and all the costumes and sets are perfect and it's all just so aesthetically pleasing and amazing haha. some people have a hard time with the ending but i feel like the both ended up with what they wanted so i guess worked out?
  4. Gilmore Girls: i finished this a while ago and its one of my favorite shows to date. i actually haven't watched a year in the life yet but i've heard super mixed reviews about it... does it live up to the hype? 
  5. Cute socks: seriously idk why i love them so much since you can't see my socks 1/2 the time bit i'm a bit obsessed. my current 2 favorites are this one (also why are cacti- is that right? cactuses?- so dang cute in print?) and another that is sadly not available anymore but they're navy and have the cutest chameleons on them and they're pretty adorable. 
  6. Light Jackets: have been rocking my world lately. my 3 favs are the standard army jacket, this one from forever 21, and this north face which is super great for when it's windy and rainy (there has been seriously so much rain this winter! like you walk to the car and look like you've taken a shower haha)
  7. For songs i've had a ton of favorites but 3 of my favs have been: So Close and Maps for the Getaway by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Something Just Like by This Chainsmokers, Magic by Coldplay, Please Don't Go by Joel Adams, Drive by Oh Wonder. (okay that was a few more than 3 but i can't help myself)
  8. Good design/photography: if you want to see some serious eye candy you can head on over to my pinterest where i save photos/art all the time- there are some seriously talented people out there!
I could seriously go on and on cause a lot of things have been making me happy lately haha but i'll stop there. 

Stay rad! 

ps. happy saint patricks day! try to be as cool as bella (see video below) and don't forget to wear green:)

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