there goes the sun

August 21st  2017: Total Solar Eclipse

i was lucky enough to live in the path of totality and it was seriously one of the most surreal things i've ever seen. school was cancelled, everybody had gotten their special glasses, and it had been hyped up so much a little part of me was scared that it would be disappointing. well i am here to say that it was NOT disappointing at all.

we had some family friends over to the "bradio" and it was so much fun! i think my favorite part was the 360 sunset- the sky was so many cool colors! it was super weird right before because the sky was so hazy, it got a little chilly, and then suddenly it was dark! at 1:30 in the afternoon!!! what?? the diamond was also way crazy.

it's kind of hard to really describe it. it was really powerful and beautiful and just really stunning.

august 21st was also my proudest moment as a dj thus far:

  1.    Moon, Moon, Moon
  2.    Total Eclipse of the Heart (right as the moon starts to really cover up the sun, duration of the eclipse)
  3. Here comes the Sun (as totality ends and the world becomes light again)
  4. Another Day of Sun (as every one stands in awe and exhales a sigh of relief because it did in fact get light again and the world is not ending today)

Girls Camp 2017

^tree huggers for life

 ^hiking in the rain with our 3rd year girls!

 ^Camp opened up with a super cool object lesson about how it's important to protect our "candle" (or testimony/faith) from the winds of the world.

 ^it was really cool to have my mom at camp this year! i'm sure we have a picture together somewhere but i can't seem to find it!

 ^another highlight of the week was making camper awards. i loved how it allowed us to look for the good in each girl throughout the week.

^Lynden was one of the other counselors over the third years and she's seriously one of my favorite people

^more of my favorite people

 ^ another cool object lesson where someone was in the middle and the circle held them up.

^skit night is also my favorite. i don't have any pictures of our skit (where i played the person afraid of avocados....long story) but this moana skit complete with songs and the funniest "rm" was seriously the best

 ^it actually ended up raining a lot this year but it all worked out! from hiking in the rain to canceling activities one afternoon and watching a movie it made camp all the more fun.

this year was my first as a ycl and it was seriously one of the coolest things ever! the night before i was a little stressed about how everything would work out but it ended up being so perfect! It made me extra grateful for all of the amazing ycls I've had throughout the years and how special they made me feel! as a camper I never realized how exhausting being a ycl was! But I also never realized how rewarding it was either.

there was one night in particular where I was walking back to my cabin at midnight after meeting with the ward I was over and just feeling so so happy even though I was seriously so sore and tired. It’s also so cool how much you come to love your girls even though you only know them for a week. I think the best night (closely rivaled with the dance party) was Friday because the theme this year was perfect! It was #faithnotfear and we went on a faith walk where we heard stories about women who had to chosen faith over fear when their lives were really hard and they had every right to be afraid. As I was thinking about theme it made me really really grateful that we know where to put our faith and the strength that faith brings because fear is just no fun at all! After the testimony meetings me and Lynden went to visit each of our third year girls and give them a little note and ended up talking to them until one in the morning. Then we went back to our own cabin and talked for 2 more hours- it was a week of very little sleep but i'm pretty sure those are the best kind right?

(trying to catch up a little on the blog but I'm not even going to make any promises considering my blogging history haha)

summer nights

summer is rushing by fast as always. this summer has been one of the busiest yet and i'm starting to realize that summer nights are the best thing ever. they're usually filled with lots of laughter, friends, family, good music (our family compromise this year seems to be radio disney- which surprisingly isn't too bad), some kind of sweet treat, sun kissed faces, a breathtaking sunset, games, fireflies, and stumbling into the house a little too late with a little bit of dirt on your feet and a happy feeling that fills you up. i think i'd be perfectly content if summer just stayed here forever.