there goes the sun

August 21st  2017: Total Solar Eclipse

i was lucky enough to live in the path of totality and it was seriously one of the most surreal things i've ever seen. school was cancelled, everybody had gotten their special glasses, and it had been hyped up so much a little part of me was scared that it would be disappointing. well i am here to say that it was NOT disappointing at all.

we had some family friends over to the "bradio" and it was so much fun! i think my favorite part was the 360 sunset- the sky was so many cool colors! it was super weird right before because the sky was so hazy, it got a little chilly, and then suddenly it was dark! at 1:30 in the afternoon!!! what?? the diamond was also way crazy.

it's kind of hard to really describe it. it was really powerful and beautiful and just really stunning.

august 21st was also my proudest moment as a dj thus far:

  1.    Moon, Moon, Moon
  2.    Total Eclipse of the Heart (right as the moon starts to really cover up the sun, duration of the eclipse)
  3. Here comes the Sun (as totality ends and the world becomes light again)
  4. Another Day of Sun (as every one stands in awe and exhales a sigh of relief because it did in fact get light again and the world is not ending today)

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