photoshoot with emma

for the past few months i've been trying to start doing photos for people with one of my friends . 

let's just say it's been a rough  err... slow start haha

i know there's a lot more we need to do (a website is in the works and we need an instagram account- we've mostly been getting our name out there by word of mouth and by doing photo booths and things for various church events).

we've gotten several bookings.....but all of them have fallen through a few days before. So rewind to a few days into the year we had our almost 1st paid gig (this one was the closest to happening so far haha).  

 I’m putting this here for memories sake so that one day when i’m a photographer just raking in the money (lol) i’ll look back on the 3 first shoots i tried to schedule where all of them got cancelled and laugh.

 this one was a bit of a heartbreaker cause we were so excited, already at the location when it was cancelled. it’s okay though cause how can you not have fun when you have two photographers in a super gorgeous location? 

we ended up taking some super rad practice shots with new christmas lenses so i guess all’s well that ends well right?

it was ended up being a ton of fun and then i got to practice a little bit of editing with lightroom, i'm a bit obsessed but have a ton to learn. i'm also obsessed with my new lens but have a ton to learn on it too. 

hope you all have had a super awesome january! enjoy the pics....

have a super rad night!

(can we note that even though i'm posting this on the last day of the month i still kept my resolution of 2 posts a steps right?)

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